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Depression as a default state

Depression as a default state

In my sporadic attempts to unearth the root/s of my frequently depressive state I’ve often been asked why I think I might be depressed and what it feels like. This is something I always struggle with because, when I say it out loud (that is, when I’m actually capable of articulating it), it sounds as conceited as it does disingenuous. People always say that depression …

Self-employment can help if you suffer with social anxiety at work

Work and social anxiety: is self-employment the answer?

I decided to pursue self-employment after working for ten years with the same organisation. In that ten years, my anxiety and confidence levels fluctuated, but I don’t recall a time when I didn’t feel scared to talk to people at work.   My life has been blighted by social anxiety for over two decades, and it saddens me to look back at all the opportunities …

Why is no one talking about atypical depression

Why is no one talking about atypical depression?

Recently something amazing happened. After years of feeling that my chronic depression is somehow inauthentic or inadequate in some way, I read an article which changed my perspective and alleviated some of my feelings of not quite belonging to the genuine depression club.  The article describes something called smiling or atypical depression, and literally every line of the article resonated with me. I’ve often felt like …