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Overcoming imposter syndrome as a freelancer

How to overcome imposter syndrome as a freelancer

For some reason, I never expected to feel like a fraud when it came to freelancing. I felt like an imposter many times in my previous career as a Higher Education employee, whilst constantly dreaming about setting up my own business. I had so many ideas of things I could do and what I could be, including a personal trainer, a social media manager, and …

Self-employment can help if you suffer with social anxiety at work

Work and social anxiety: is self-employment the answer?

I decided to pursue self-employment after working for ten years with the same organisation. In that ten years, my anxiety and confidence levels fluctuated, but I don’t recall a time when I didn’t feel scared to talk to people at work.   My life has been blighted by social anxiety for over two decades, and it saddens me to look back at all the opportunities …